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Pouring rum into lime cups

How to Serve Rum

Rum is a distilled spirit made

From sugar cane juice or the byproduct molasses. To produce light, gold, or black rum, it is matured in steel, oak, or charred wood barrels, respectively. Rum, which is frequently obtained from the Caribbean and Latin America, is a very adaptable spirit that goes well with mixed drinks and on its own. Lime may serve this liquor in various ways, so try them all to find your favourite.

Try a short cocktail.

Ice should only combine rum with one other beverage, such as soda. This is a simple method for enjoying rum of any quality. Additionally, almost any bar can make this cocktail.
Start with around two fl oz (59 mL) of light or dark rum, and then, to taste, add a dark cola to make the traditional Rum and Coke. Serve with a lime wedge as a garnish after pouring over ice.
Fill a highball glass with ice, add two shots of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, then top it off with ginger beer for a spicy mixed drink called a Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Serve after adding a lime wedge as garnish. (Note that Gosling Brother’s Ltd. registered the name of this cocktail as a trademark, therefore, legally, Lime must use Gosling’s rum in its preparation.)

Creating a mojito Try the mojito

A traditional rum drink. This fantastic beverage combines light rum, mint leaves, Lime, sugar, and club soda.
If desired, mix some lime wedges, and fresh mint leaves in a glass to bring out their tastes. Next, add two fl oz (59 mL) of mild rum and ice. Vodka should add club soda to the remainder of the glass before adding sugar to taste in our 24 hour alcohol delivery mississauga.
Add the fresh fruit or juice to incorporate various fruit tastes, like strawberry or pineapple, into a mojito.

Try a daiquiri to feel fruity.

Mix light rum, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup to make a daiquiri (sugar boiled into a syrup consistency). Blender can use almost any mix of fruit juices in this beverage and its fundamental components.
Add fruits like banana, strawberry, pineapple, etc., to the basic recipe of 2 fl oz (59 mL) of light rum, 34 fl oz (22 mL), and 14 fl oz (7.4 mL) of simple syrup.
For a traditional daiquiri presentation, line the rim of a glass with brown sugar and a fresh slice of the fruit of your choice. Then, drink it straight up in a martini glass.

Try a Mai Tai with extra flavour.

The Mai Tai requires a few more specific components than other rum drinks. This great beverage is made with orange curacao, a liqueur made from dried citrus peel, and orgeat, a premium almond sugar syrup.
Pour two fl oz (59 mL) of dark rum over ice after combining it with 14 fl oz (7.4 mL) of orgeat, 14 fl oz (7.4 mL) of simple syrup, 12 fl oz (15 mL) of orange curacao, and 34 fl oz (22 mL) of lime juice. Add a lime slice and a mint leaf on top.
You may use triple sec instead of the orange curacao and orgeat if you need the cocktail’s specialty components.

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